A real-life Jack Reacher moment right after watching the movie!!!

So we decided to go to the movies last night to watch the new Jack Reacher movie (excellent by the way!!) and went for a pint in the Irish bar afterward just outside the movie theatre.

Call it what you will but in the words of Pink Floyd we had a momentary laps of reason and left the Audi A5 unlocked with Victoria’s handbag and keys inside!!! Its been a long week!

One pint of Guinness later and some great Celtic music we left the pub to find the handbag had been stolen out of the car (we must have been watched as we went in).

We quickly looked around but could see nothing and at this point panic set in until I realizedVictoria’ss cell phone was in the bag but i still had mine, i quickly fired up the Apple Find my Phone app and logged into Victoria’s iCloud account to track her phone. Only to find it was only a couple of blocks away in the city.

At this point i am thankful we are both fit and love to run as adrenaline and legs kicked in running after the blinking dot of the phones GPS on my screen.

What happened next was truly amazing as we sprinted across one of the busy intersections a Police car pulled up to the traffic lights and stopped, i ran up to the window and very quickly said we are tracking a stolen bag and phone and it is in the next parking lot over – we were quicker on foot cutting across the park but said meet us there and promptly started running again. The cop car screamed round the corner and sprang into action.

Arriving in the parking lot the GPS signal was jumpy due to the high rises but i could see two people about to get on a bus just pulling in by the road side and the dot was right over them!!!

I ran and managed to stop the bus just before it pulled away and confronted what turned out to be the thief – the cop turned up just after and i hit the play sound button on the phone tracker – the thiefs bag lit up and started to beep!!

There was Victorias hand bag with everything still inside.

We got everything back and the thief was arrested – what a way to end a night with some real live adventure action!

Thank god for Apple Find My phone and being fit!

Needless to sa,y i was a hero for the night to Victoria ;o)